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Creator Date Created Topic Description Posts
mikeking Thu Apr 1, 2010 COM Events appear to not fire after switch from V6 to V8. 1
mikeking Wed Jan 21, 2009 What causes a CTL -1017 1
Pxplus Mon Jul 9, 2007 Cannot open files using NFS between Unix/Linux systems 1
mikeking Fri Nov 17, 2006 Viewer cannot locate image for display 1
Pxplus Wed Nov 1, 2006 Unable to Start Editor from Within Nomads 1
Pxplus Wed Nov 1, 2006 Citrix and WindX/Nthost connections fail with Error 15 1
Pxplus Wed Apr 26, 2006 STP function change in V7 can lead to unexpected results 1
mikeking Mon Feb 6, 2006 Check boxes and Radio buttons don't use StdGraphicFont 1
mikeking Mon Sep 5, 2005 Problems using WINDX telnet sessions on SUN systems 1
mikeking Tue Aug 2, 2005 Screen updates don't occur using some external Windows Controls and DLL 1
mikeking Sun May 1, 2005 Using SELECT with opened file misses records 1
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