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PVX Plus Technologies User Forums

We pride ourselves on keeping in touch with our clients and as such have a developed, a custom forum system that allows us to track problems, issues, and just generally keep in touch with our registered clients.

Users can post messages into the forum system for PVX Plus Technologies’ employees and others to respond to. It is designed to ease the sharing of information between our client base and us.

The forum system itself is split into a number of different sections. To post a message use the menu system to select the desired section. Once you have located a section pertinent your topic, you can then start a new message thread (topic) or just add a new comment to an existing message thread.

In order to assure you do not miss anything important, our forum system is also tied directly into our Email system. If desired, you can select to have the system send you an email whenever a new message is posted to any of the sections in the forum system or optional set your user login to send you an email when anything is posted to the forum.

Like everything else at Pvx Plus Technologies, your security is extremely important to us. When you post messages to the system, all other users will only see your login identification -- not your real name, email address, or other personal information. Even when messages you post are forwarded to the email server, only your login id is sent with a dummy return address that will allow responses to be re-posted to the forum system. You can change a setting in your login registration if you would rather have generated emails use your real name as opposed to your login id -- the choice is yours.

As usual, we are always looking to improve our level of service to you and the Client Service Forum System is no exception. There is even a section in Client Services set aside exclusively for our Forum System -- and your feedback is always more than welcome.


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